Americas airlines

Eastern operated the Connie in all variants with the exception of the Model 1649 from 147 until 1968, a white Connie was operated until 1971. Also the c/n 1974 NC7000 a Model 049 was painted up in March 1946 but never operated.

 c/n 4525 N6217C Dec 53 - Sep 67
 here seen in the silver color scheme     
 around  1954

c/n 4625 N6232G Oct 56 - Feb 68 pictured
in white Fly Eastern colors
with painted engine co
wlings ca. 1957
  c/n 4653 N6231G Oct 56 - Jan 68
  seen here somewhere around 1959

Shot of the 3 Super Connies together, like it could have been in Miami at the end of the 50'ies

l operated four Super Constellations L-1049Hs from 1957 until 1962

  c/n 4829 L-1049H N7132C seen idle in 1958


another shot of this nice Star Coach titles carrying Super Connie.

Northwest Constellation fleet consisted out of four Model 1049G Super Constellations operated between 1955 and 1957. Two more were ordered however canceled in favor of DC-7C to standardize the fleet of DC-6 and DC-7.

c/n 4572 N5172V the first Model 1049G being prepared for a next Far East flight, around 1956

TWA was the biggest operator of all Connie variants from 1944 until 1967

c/n 4583 N7102C L-1049G Apr 55 - Feb 64, scrapped Feb 65

Trans Canada Air Lines Constellation fleet consisted out total 14 Connies; of five Models 1049Cs, three 1049Es, four 1049Gs, and two 1049Hs Super Constellations. They were operated on international as well as on domestic routes between 1954 and 1963.

c/n 4643 L-1049G was used between May 56 and Feb 62. Here seen in its original all silver finish and without the typical radar nose.

c/n 4563 L-1049E wearing the modified color scheme with white top and equipped with the elegant radar nose. This Connie was used between Jun 54 and May 62.

                                                                                        all Photos, Zoggavia Collection

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