Ace Freighters
ACE Freighters Ltd. - Aviation Charter Enterprises Ltd. was formed in 1962 as Europe s first all-cargo airlines. Operations began with one l-749A Freighter on March 1 1964, after the company received an E license to operate non-scheduled all-fright operations in January1964. Medium to long-haul cargo charter flights were carried out with the aircraft, particularly to the Middle and Far East. In September 1964, a Douglas DC-4 was acquired, and in November four more L-749A Freighters were bought, zhoughnone ever flew for the company. Two further Connie Freighters were bought from Euravia-Skyaways during 1965, and a third aircraft leased from the same company.
ACE carried out world wide ad-hoc charters from London Gatwick Airport. During 1965 some sub-charter freight flights were flown within Europe for British European Airways. A large number of regular charters were operated on British Ministry of Defence of contracts to the Middle and Far East. Routes flown were particularly RAF Lyneham to Malta, Cyprus, RAF El Adem (Libya) and onwards to Singapore. After leasing a Douglas DC-4, this was bought and another DC-4 acquired. During the 1966 UK docks strike many freight charters were flown from Southend and Gatwick to Amsterdam, Paris and Rotterdam. In May 1966, for example, G-ALAL flew up to five return flights a day from Southend to Rotterdam. Freight charters were operated into Heathrow for Aer Lingus, Swissair and United Arab Airlines.
On 23 September 1966, the airline was placed in liquidation after having run up large debts for fuel, and the aircraft fleet was stored until sold.

 Reg.  From To
 749A 2504
 749A 2623
 749A 2630
 749A 2631
  749A 2632
749A 2548 G-ALAK 65 66
749A 2549

c/n 2504 G-ANTF L-749A

March 64 - September 66

Leased from BOAC 21 February 1964. Delivered Newark - Gatwick 23 February and in service by 6 May 1964. Bought from BOAC 1 March 1966. Aircraft was involved in a wheels up landing at Aden 8 March 1966 while on Ministry of Defense contract flight to Middle and Far East. Repaired and in service shortly after until stored at Coventry after bankruptcy of ACE in September 1966.

Seen here receiving service on the number 3 engine at London Gatwick, in May 1965, Zoggavia Collection.

c/n 2504 G-ANTF L-749A

September 1966 - February 1970

The Connie was sold by tender to unknown parties in December 1966 though remained stored at Baginton-Coventry. Cancelled from British register 4 December 1967 because it was sold to the USA but never delivered.

Photo taken at Coventry in December 1967. Zoggavia Collection.

c/n 2504 G-ANTF L-749A

 February 1970 - Fall 1971

Condition grdually detoriated, then set on fire by vandals 1 February 1970, destroying most of the fuselage. Remains scrapped during 1971.

The remains of the Connie in March 1970. Zoggavia Collection

c/n 2623 G-ASYS L-749A

November 1964 - December 1966

Bought from South African Airways after sale to Trans European Airways fell through. Registration G-ASYS was painted on the Connie 2 December and departed Johannesburg on delivery flight 12 January to London Gatwick and finally arrived at Coventry 16 January 1965. Never entered service and sold on auction after the collapse of ACE. Scrapped between February and May 1967.

G-ASYS seen with sister ship G-ASYU at Coventry during 1967,. Zoggavia Collection.

c/n 2623 G-ASYF L-749A

November 1964 - September 1966

Flew last South African Airways Constellation service in May 1964. Bought bz ACE in November 1964 and transferred as G-ASYF to London Gatwick 4 on December 1964. Stored in Woensdrecht, Netherlands, and Coventry until January 1966, when converted to 82-seater for IT flights with ACE Scottland during summer. In service by July until bankruptcy of parent company. Sold to Peru Internacional by tender and delivered to Miami in June 1967. In storage in full ACE colors until scrapped beginning of 1969.

Seen here in late evening sun at Coventry in 1966. Zoggavia Collection.